10 Inspiring Product Packaging you need to check out

10 Inspiring Product Packaging you need to check out

Have you ever brought a product simply because you were attracted by the packaging? We sure have. Product packaging is more than just wrapping up your products and stamping your company name. Product Packaging is branding. It allows your product to stand out from the crowd. Good packaging makes the customer feel good about trying your products, especially if you are a new brand. For well-established brands, product packaging is a symbolism of your product quality and the trust of your customers.

With so many new products launched in the market, you’ll need to stay creative if you want your packaging to wow! Buyers. We’ve listed our top 10 product packaging designs to inspire your next campaign. So let’s get started.

1)  Consider the elements the product is related to


Think about what your product is, and the elements that can be related to it. For instance, the above packaging encloses its products (i.e cupcakes) inside a cute box designed as a retro oven. This instantly makes the customer relate to the fresh, hot and tasty cupcakes that they eat at home. It sends a message that their product is fresh, delectable and fun, without explicitly saying anything on their packaging!

2) Think about its use




Just looking at this bottle packaging makes us crack a smile. The imagery on the bottle relates to what your customer would be looking for. Among a wide range of shampoos in the shampoo aisle, this beard shampoo attracts attention to itself. Without reading anything, your customers know the exact use of your product. Good humour in packaging, coupled with a clear message, is what sells.

3) Add patterns that match your audience


Adding patterns is a simple, yet effective strategy to elevate your product packaging. For instance, this rollerblade perfume is known for its exotic and floral scents. The floral patterns on this packaging transport the customers into a warm, summery vibe and reminds them of the signature scents that define this product.

4) Use the product itself


You know you’ve got a great product, so show it off to your customers! Get on your thinking hats, and try integrating the shape, colour and texture of your product into its packaging. For most products, especially edible items, customers want to see exactly what they are buying. This pasta packet has a genius twist on utilising it’s different pasta shapes as different types of hairdos!

5) Reveal a hidden message


Do something that makes your customers curious. For instance, this ‘BLK’ packaging is super attractive, and yet cryptic. “Why on earth would packaged water has a black label?” When customers do some research, they find out blk is spring water that is infused with fulvic acid, a mineral that colours the water black. With a hidden message, your customers are amused and engaged. They also buy into the story that you are trying to tell with your product.

6) Go eco-friendly




Sustainable is the new attractive! Be a responsible brand, and reflect that in your packaging. From cosmetics to edibles, almost everything can be switched over to eco-friendly packaging. The trend of sustainability is catching up fast. Your product will stand out with a clean and simple eco-friendly design, and it’ll also say a lot about your brand. For instance, positive seeds lip balm have broken the stereotype of plastic balm cases, and have used cardboard instead.

7) Minimalism is in style


Sometimes, sticking with a minimalist packaging is the thing you could do. Minimalism reflects simplicity and elegance. It tells the customer that you are confident about your brand, and it doesn’t need tons of details to be attractive. For instance, this tampon brand aims to empower women in China. Its packaging is minimalist, and yet it looks stylish and discreet.

8) Experiment with  textures


Use texture in your physical packaging. This appeals to your customer’s sense of touch, alongside their sight, when they pick your product off the shelf. For instance, this baby brand, Agnotis Baby, has used a pattern of tiny droplets to integrate textures. These serve a dual purpose. One, they enable a better grip on their otherwise smooth bottles. And two, they give a rich textural feel, demonstrating their high quality.

9) Be bright and eye-catching


Be bright, bold and loud, if that’s what your product needs! This holds true especially when your product is brightly coloured (like candy) or you want to send a message of fun and energy. Use bright but unusual colours, that instantly pop and catch the eyes of your customers. For instance, this Chinese skincare and body-care brand have leveraged bright colours to its advantage. Just by glancing at the colour of their packet, customers can distinguish between the different scents/flavours/ingredients offered.

10)  Consider the use of the product


Take your product packaging a notch further, and make it practically useful for what you’re trying to sell. For instance, “Butter! Better!” Is a butter brand that has integrated a small lid cut into a butterknife! This is creative, fun and smart. It also saves customers from fiddling around their drawers and looking for cutlery. Some customers might even buy the product, just to experience using butterknife that doubles as a lid.

Those were our 10 most inspiring packaging designs. Do let us know if they inspired you!

Intagram: https://www.instagram.com/ali_ckreative/

Behance: https://www.behance.net/alickreative


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