Consulting Jobs

Different ways that we work with you

We work in a way that suits you.

Choose from our various options to make working on projects easier. We’ve worked in various industries ranging from real estate, hotels, startups, real estate, FMCG, Packaging work, Insurance and more.


Looking to complete only one project? Choose from a variety of services and pick our project-based option. Here we focus only on one specific project eg making a logo.


We’ve been professional freelancers for several years now. Based on your requirements we set hourly budgets and a workflow that will work for both of us. We work to give you quality work with professional outlooks. Here, we’ll have a fixed monthly payment structure.


Do you have a team but need someone to lead them? Would like professional consultation of one of our services? We’d be happy to work on a consultation basis. Here, we’ll have a fixed monthly payment structure.

Partly In-Office Work

Looking for someone to work in your office for a few months and then virtually? We’ve made that super easy for you. We work with you for a fixed amount of time, after that, we handle your project virtually. This helps us understand your business deeply and create systems that work well for both of us.

How does it work?

We understand your requirements

We set a fixed timeline and fixed pricing to work together

We physically work with you for the set amount of time

We understand your business and continue working virtually on your project


We choose the way of work that fits you

We set a fixed timeline to work together with a fixed pricing

We understand your requirements

We start the work according to the chosen process.